“Kaali Kaluti Baingan Looti”.

Hey hey wordpressers!

Im sure many of you Indians are familiar with this term. If you haven’t, good luck you’re around high society people. ( in the intellectual sense :P) If you’re dark skinned, chances are you have lived with this phrase and now have chosen to ignore it.

For starters, Kaali Kaluti means Dark Skinned, I have no clue what does the baingan looti has to do with it, is it like, that dark people are capable of committing theft? 😛 I don’t know, let me know in the comments down below if you’re aware.

So basically this term is a derogatory phrase often used against people with dark skin  Fortunately, no one has ever said it to me but I have heard my near and dear ones throwing this phrase around like confetti against dark skinned people. Its very, very shallow to judge someone just on the basis of their colour. I will not emphasise more because if you know this, you just know it.

So how do you identify such low society (intellect wise, okay 😛 ) people?

  • They lack grey matter.
  • They’re highly insecure.
  • They will suggest you whitening powders, whitening solutions and what not!
  • They will tell you not to wear certain colours or things just because you’re dark. Praise the lord. (Im already cringing.)
  • They will treat you differently just because you know why. 
  • Parlour walis are the white skin brand ambassadors.
  • They will ask you not to drink tea or coffee, because it makes you look dark yaaar. 
  • They will greet you with ‘Kitni kaali/kaale hogayi/hogaye ho’ instead of hello or hi. Well.
  • They will suggest you to not to go out in the sun, or play sports in the sun because sun = tan. But dear friend, no sun also equals to no vitamin D resulting in osteomalacia. Hospital ke paise aap denge Sir? 
For the guys too.

So those were some characteristics of these unique people.

Pro Tip. If you’re a dark skinned person, or even fair skinned, you do not need such insecure people around you. Ignore them.

And if you’re someone who uses this phrase alot, people already go through a lot of hardships, do not make it difficult for them through your thoughtless opinion, it isn’t needed, so shutup. Thankyou.

And ofcourse, embrace the glorious skin colour that you possess. Every colour is beautiful. Lets love each other and do a lot of it. See the good. Thankyou for stopping by. 🙂

Author: Aayushi

Evolving. Nature Girl. Free Spirited. Peace Maker But Mad, Nevertheless. Welcome to my Perspective.

7 thoughts on ““Kaali Kaluti Baingan Looti”.”

  1. Recently my 11 years daughter playing with boys one of the boy said this phrase “kaali kalooti baingan looti”I’m shocked becoz how the parents are giving values to criticize

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