A Quiet Courage Audio Book Review//Karadi Tales!! 🍃

Hello again! I hope all of you are doing good! I would like to thank everyone of you, who takes out the time to read my blogposts!

So today I’m going to review a story which is deeply enriching and is soul food! 

The description of A Quiet Courage was enough for me to get my hands on it asap! I bought the audiobook and other stories from the Karadi Tales Website. I’ve also enjoyed the monkey and the crocodile story from their collection. This was when I was a child and my father would get me all kinds of comics and storybook which I enjoyed as a child.. and I still do. Some things never change!

Synopsis: Manohar and Mahema Devadoss thought their cup of joy was overflowing when tragedy struck. Mahema was rendered quadriplegic by a cruel accident, and Manohar was robbed of his eyesight. The obstacles seemed insurmountable. But with courage and dignity, they decided to take charge of their lives once again.

Age Group: 14  and above

Author: Manohar Devadoss

Narrator: Nosherwan Jehangir, Sharanya Manivannan, Kaushik V

Illustrator: Manohar Devadoss

Music: Anil Srinivasan

Run Time: 60:05

Items Included: CD & 10 postcards painted by Manohar Devadoss

Price: INR 295

Buy From: Karadi Tales or Amazon India

My Overview: An absolutely brilliant way of story telling. Kudos to Karadi Tales for retaining the old style of story telling. The story grows on you as you breeze through the story of Manohar and Mahema Devadoss. It made me smile, laugh, shed tears and finally, it left me with a great lesson of life. The musical pieces in between are breathtakingly soothing.

What I Like About The Story:

1. One of main characters, Mahema Devadoss has something about her that you just naturally fall in love with her personality, she is beautiful, inside out. Her aura. Her kindness. And her idea of ‘giving’. How she gracefully accepts everything that came her way. A lot is to be learnt from her!


2. The story brilliantly traces the budding love story of both Mahema and Manohar, the little details about them make them an ideal couple. This part of the story made me very happy!


3. The story with its musical pieces at first annoyed me as Im not used to such a long pause in between story telling. To say the least, I wasvery curious to know what would happen next. But as the story moved forward, I enjoyed the musical pieces and they became congruous with the story and the parts. Also, the musical pieces gave me sometime to reflect on what just happened in the story so that had a deep effect altogether.

4. The story grew on me. It definitely had a lasting effect and I experienced varied emotions. And I loved it! The audiobook is also acccompanied by 10 postcard prints of Manohar Devadoss’s evocative paintings and they will definitely add to the soothing yet extraordinary experience.


5. Also, being an audiobook, I enjoyed the story as I lied down and listened to the story in peace than the usual sitting up and turning through the pages of books! No doubt I love books and pages but this was a good and a relaxing experience altogether!

Below are some of my favourite postcards from the set:

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
“No matter what the accident took away from us, it could not take away our love for each other.”


All these postcards are in connection with the story which will add to the magical experience of the story.

Rating: 5/5 

Do pick this story up for the quiet courage of two ordinary human beings who made their lives extraordinary by simply being their true selves. A story that is simple and broken yet beautiful like Mahema herself. It will certainly have a lasting impact on you. It will for sure be a complete delight on a lazy summer afternoon.

Thats all for today. Thankyou for stopping by. Happy Weekend! 🙂

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