Summer Of ’17!! 🍃

Hello fellow wordpressers! I hope the summers are treating you well. Today Im sharing with you all some of my favourites which I just cannot do without during summers!


I have an affinity for leaves and nature which leaves me in awe everytime. I absolutely love the different kinds of flora around me, with their unique appearance and arrangements. So my summers are incomplete without seeing the greens around. The concrete jungles do not excite me at all!



Ofcourse! Indian Summers and mangoes are synonymous. Extra love If the mangoes come packed in that rectangular wooden box. The aroma of the Dusshehris takes me back to my childhood days!



Phaalse. Its consumed as it is and some people also prepare sherbet or squash from the fruit pulp by mixing it with sugar. Its used as an astringent, stomachich and cooling agent.

Jaamun is my another summer favourite for its sweet and sour taste! I just can never resist buying a small pack of both of these fruits when Im out for those summer evenings!



Although the monsoon will take time to arrive in Lucknow, but it did rain heavily a few days back and it was amazing!  I quickly took out my colourful umbrellas to take a stroll and enjoy the weather!




Summers are incomplete without stories. And my books are the best company I have during these summer afternoons!


So those were some of the things that I love during summers! Do let me know how you like spending your summery days. Thanks for stopping by. Also, wishing a very Happy And Prosperous Eid to all my lovely readers!


Author: Aayushi

Evolving. Nature Girl. Free Spirited. Peace Maker But Mad, Nevertheless. Welcome to my Perspective.

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